Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Movie - Kureji dayo tenkamuteki

Not bad - Kureji dayo tenkamuteki movie (Industrial Spy Free for All).

Movie Is being made - in 1967.

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Color Info: Color
Countries: Japan
Genres: Comedy
Languages: Japanese
Runtimes: 95
Sound Mix: Mono
Tech Info: OFM:35 mm, PCS:Tohoscope, PFM:35 mm, RAT:2.35 : 1

In movie played:

Hajime Hana (actor)
Birth Name: Nonoyama, Sadao
Birth Notes: Tokyo, Japan
Death Date: 10 August 1993
Birth Date: 9 February 1930

Masashi Shinohara (actor)

Kei Tani (actor)
Height: 163 cm
Birth Notes: Tokyo, Japan
Kei Tani is a stage name based on Danny Kaye as Japanese form of name is Tani Kei.
Birth Date: 22 February 1932

Hitoshi Ueki (actor)
Death Notes: Tokyo, Japan (respiratory failure)
Birth Notes: Mie, Japan
Other Works: Wrote his father's biography 'Yume o Kuitsuduketa Otoko' (1984 Asahi Shinbun-sha, Tokyo) ISBN 4022551844, which be republished contained by 1987 in a dissertation decisive edition. The caption would be translate using exchange of ' A Man Who Kept Eating Dreams' . The digest is textual from Ueki's interview action, etc. by Kitabayashi, Kiyoyasu (an editor of Asahi Shinbun-sha) but the First Author is besides Ueki, Hitoshi.
His father Ueki, Tessho be a Buddism monk who readily acquainted near Japanese Socialist force bounded by impulsive 20th century. Later , Tessho with regular of a creative academic of a mini temple, support and fight with Japanese discriminate those, call as "Buraku-Min" in favour of their self-determination, also have arrested and jailed during World War II , regard as he individual "dangerous" musing challenging the militaristic Japan in those days., His father was a Buddism monk closely acquainted with Japanese Socialist group in early 20th century. Later, as a priest of a small temple, he supported and fought with Japanese discriminated people, called as "Buraku-Min" for their emancipation, also having arrested and jailed during World War II , regarded as he had "dangerous" thought against militaristic Japan in those days.
Death Date: 27 March 2007
Birth Date: 25 February 1927

Akemi Kita (actress)
Birth Notes: Tokyo, Japan
Birth Date: 3 March 1940

Yumiko Nogawa (actress)

Atsuko Takahashi (actress)

Shin Watanabe (producer)

Yasuo Tanami (writer)

Fukuzo Koizumi (cinematographer)

Tessho Hagiwara (composer)

Takashi Tsuboshima (director)
Death Notes: Japan (adenocarcinoma of the lung)
Death Date: 12 August 2007

Shinobu Muraki (production designer)
Birth Notes: Tokyo, Japan
Spouse: 'Yoshirô Muraki' (qv) (? - present)
Birth Date: 2 September 1923

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